Orchestration of Computation

Foundry is a new breed of public cloud, powered by an orchestration platform that makes accessing AI compute as easy as flipping a light switch.

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The Foundry Platform

Explore the high-impact features of our GPU cloud services designed for maximum performance and reliability. Whether you’re managing training runs, serving clients, or meeting research deadlines, Foundry can help. Chat with us to learn more!


We have compute capacity.


Foundry lets you scale up and down based on your needs.


We provide the most bang for your buck.


You shouldn’t need a 20 person infra team.


We resolve errors proactively to maximize uptime.


We are SOC 2 Type II certified.

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Angels & advisors

Matei Zaharia

UC Berkeley, Databricks Co-founder and CTO

Christos Kozyrakis

Stanford, Fault Tolerant ML, Scheduling

Jure Leskovec

Graph Neural Networks, Stanford

Ion Stoica

UC Berkeley, Databricks Co-founder and Executive Chairman

Pieter Abbeel

Reinforcement Learning pioneer, Covariant AI Chief Scientist

Eric Schmidt

Former Google CEO and Executive Chairman

Jeff Dean

Google, Chief Scientist

Lachy Groom

Physical Intelligence, Co-founder

Liam Fedus

OpenAI (ChatGPT creator)

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