Foundry Careers

It's still day one. We'd love to hear from you if you're motivated by impact and passionate about wrangling rich technical problems.

The Pillars of Foundry: Our Core Values and Maxims


  • See the forest and the trees.
  • Build bridges, not walls.

At the core of our approach is tensegrity, a principle that thrives on balancing seemingly contradictory ideas and forces to unlock maximum potential. This concept, rooted in tensional integrity, encourages us to harmonize opposing elements—combining rigidity with flexibility—to innovate and solve problems creatively. It's about not just choosing between option A or B but discovering the powerful option C. Inspired by diverse sources, including the wisdom of King Solomon, we craft unique operating rhythms that embody this balance. By embracing deliberate thinking and creative problem-solving, we navigate complexities with agility, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.


  • Be a truth seeking missile.
  • Find the signal in the noise.

We want to act as truth-seeking missiles, navigating chaos and complexity with grace, always centering around our goals and the truth. Through intentional, ego-free communication, we prioritize effective collaboration and solution-finding over being right. We're committed to making the intricate understandable, whether it's for our team or our customers, always with a mindset of seeking truth and fostering understanding.


  • Cultivate a bias for action.
  • It takes a village.

Our culture is vibrant, characterized by a bias for action and a growth mindset. We celebrate teamwork, proactive leadership, and the unique contributions of every team member, understanding that making mistakes is part of learning and growth. We're dedicated to nurturing a work environment where initiative is valued and everyone feels empowered to contribute. This principle is retained in the products that we build and the experiences we want to offer our users.


  • We choose to go to Mars.
  • Innovate relentlessly, never settle.

Ambition fuels us to pursue bold ideas and celebrate growth at every turn. We create a safe space for innovation, backed by resources and support, encouraging exploration and the pursuit of lofty goals. Our drive for excellence is relentless, aiming to exceed expectations through quality and innovation, making the impossible possible.