About Us

Making compute as easy as turning on the light

Founded by alumni from DeepMind’s core Deep Learning Team and Stanford’s CS PhD program (group led by Databricks co-founder Matei Zaharia), Foundry is a new breed of public cloud, meticulously engineered from the ground up to cater to the unique demands of machine learning workloads.

Our mission is to orchestrate the world’s compute capacity, rendering it universally accessible and useful.

The challenge

To use AI infrastructure today, CTOs and infra teams have become virtual supply chain managers. They have to get PhDs in hardware and spend their time capacity planning and pondering which chips to use for which workload. Precious time is spent figuring out how to access the right hardware and get the most out of it. The result is a complex, convoluted workflow that leeches engineering attention away from actually building products.

The invention of the lightbulb was a significant technological breakthrough, but further innovations and layers of abstraction were required to reach the simple light switch we know today. To turn on the light we don't have to concern ourselves with George Ohm, the structure of the grid, or electricity market mechanism design questions…we just flip the switch. Foundry is building this infrastructure for the age of AI. We’re building a new breed of public cloud, powered by an orchestration platform that makes accessing AI compute resources as easy as turning on the light.

Our solution

Foundry exists to shift the paradigm and trajectory of AI infrastructure, making it more accessible, efficient, and powerful.

You should consider using Foundry if:

  • You struggle with availability or require elasticity. Our marketplace and spot products offer top tier cloud resources. Many of our customers previously struggled to navigate the limited availability and cumbersome reservation requirements typical in the AI cloud landscape -- no longer.
  • You care about price-performance. The current GPU ecosystem is first-come, first-serve, and fixed-price. Availability is a challenge in peak times, and so are the puzzling gaps in rates across vendors. Foundry is powered by a sophisticated mechanism design that delivers better price performance than anyone on the market.
  • You just want to focus on your main business and ML work. Industry giants have invested for years in infra teams that build sophisticated cluster management and workload orchestration tools to abstract away the hardware. Foundry makes this accessible to everyone else, ensuring that users can reap compute leverage without a twenty person team at scale.
  • You value security. We recognize that security and reliability are paramount for serious practitioners. Foundry is built to the highest security and compliance standards from day one and is SOC 2 Type II certified. We work with enterprises of all sizes and invest heavily in technology to predict and resolve errors proactively, maximizing uptime. Click here to learn more.

If the above resonates with you, and you’d like to become a customer or partner, please reach out to us here.